Secret Garden Collection

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“Secret Garden leads you into an oasis of tranquility and fascination for a splendid, intimate garden.
A green pearl between ancient oaks, vistas and small streams.
Characterized with sentiments of the past of plants and fragrant flowers.
This charming spot is looked after affectionately by nature itself.
It is a flowery relief among all the sounds of life… Here you want remain.

This premium wallpaper-collection is designed and produced by the young Dutch design label La Aurelia. It shows the characteristic ‘La Aurelia-touch: picturesque coloured tales poured in art on luxuriously wallpaper.

  • Standard size: 243,5 cm wide x 300 cm high.
  • Available as non-woven and non-woven with vinyl topcoating
  • Customization is possible for all the designs
  • Standard the collection can be obtained in two color variations
  • Optional with digital Baroque Style Art Frame in gold, silver or black

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