The Founder

Meet the founder of  ‘La Aurelia’:  mrs. Aurelia Ebbe, Dutch designer and a proud entrepreneur. Also a lover of art, photography, nature, and writing.  She finds her inspiration in combinations of light and color, special moments in daily life and the beauty of nature. This all comes together in designlabel: ‘La Aurelia’.

La Aurelia – the name
“Aurelia” is an old Latin name which means: “The golden one”.  A traditional family-name, in Aurelia’s family given from mother to daughter. Aurelia chose to give this special name to her company, with a classy – La –

First Wallpaper Collection
‘La Aurelia’, started off as a label of photographic, inspiring images for the home decoration market, provided with stories, quotes or poems. Following the exciting responses of customers , Aurelia developed the label towards a higher level. In 2015 she launched her first collection ‘Dutch Dreams’: Premium Art and Luxury, ‘Classy’ Wallpaper, with beautiful Dutch sceneries in the Spirit of the Old Masters. Old craftsmanship which is mixed with contemporary trends and the new technology.

Dutch Dreams – the name
The titel from this first collection ‘Dutch Dreams’ finds its origin in Aurelia’s love for the dutch nature and her passion for images. ‘Dutch Dreams’ also stands for her dream: to develop and produce story-telling images & designs that will bring colors & joy into many interiors worldwide.

The Future:
While living her Dutch Dreams and developing new product lines, Aurelia has many wishes and dreams to fulfill. Curious about how her story continues? Stay connected and follow her story on this website and her instagram-page.




Awards & Nominations:

  • January 2016: Aurelia won the ‘2015 National Creativity Award‘, during the election for Entrepreneur of the Netherlands during 2015.
  • June 2016: Aurelia won the ‘Businesswoman of the Year Award‘, province Flevoland, category self-employed professional.
  • Oktober 2016: Aurelia is nominated for the VIVA400 Award. VIVA400 is the platform and network for and by ambitious and enterprising women inspired by who they are, what they do and what they accomplish. Every year, 400 powerwomen are nominated for their success. Women who were in the spotlight over the past year because they won a prize for example, discovered a gap in the market, started a successful business or drop a significant achievement.
  • Juni 2017: Aurelia is placed on the shortlist of TheNextWomen to Watch-2017! This is a part of TheNextWomen100, a top 100 of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. TheNextWomen to Watch are women who will make it big in the future.

Presentation Aurelia Ebbe during the Election: “Businesswoman of the year 2016”, province Flevoland. (dutch-spoken)