The Founder

Founder La Aurelia at VT Wonen & Design Beurs 2016, releasing new Wallpaper-collection 'Secret Garden'Meet the founder of ¬†‘La Aurelia’: ¬†mrs.¬†Aurelia Ebbe, designer & artist. Lover of art, photography, nature,¬†and writing. ¬†She finds her¬†inspiration in¬†combinations¬†of light¬†and¬†color, special moments in daily life¬†and¬†the beauty of¬†nature. This all comes together in designlabel:¬†‚ÄėLa Aurelia‚Äô.

La Aurelia – the name
“Aurelia” is an old Latin name which means: “The golden one”. ¬†A traditional family-name, in Aurelia’s family given from mother to daughter. Aurelia chose to give this special name to her company, with a classy – La –

First Wallpaper Collection
‘La Aurelia’, started off as a label of¬†photographic, inspiring images for the home decoration market, provided with stories, quotes or poems. Following the exciting responses of customers , Aurelia developed the label towards a higher level.¬†In 2015 she¬†launched her first¬†collection ‚ÄėDutch Dreams‚Äô: Premium Art and Luxury, ‘Classy’ Wallpaper, with beautiful Dutch sceneries in the Spirit of the Old¬†Masters.¬†Old craftsmanship which is¬†mixed with contemporary trends and the new technology.

Dutch Dreams – the name
The titel from this first collection ‘Dutch Dreams’ finds its origin in Aurelia’s love for the dutch nature and her passion for images. ‘Dutch Dreams’ also stands for¬†her dream, as a Dutch designer, to develop and produce¬†story-telling images that will be released all over the world to bring color & joy in many interiors.

Together with her husband, Aurelia is owner of DesignStudio MEGA Media VOF.

Aurelia Ebbe, founder of La Aurelia Art & Walls

Awards & Nominations:

  • January 2016: Aurelia won the ‘2015 National¬†Creativity Award‘, during the election for Entrepreneur of the Netherlands during 2015.
  • June¬†2016: Aurelia won the ‘Businesswoman of the Year Award‘, province Flevoland, category self-employed professional.
  • Oktober 2016: Aurelia is nominated for the VIVA400 Award.¬†VIVA400 is the platform and network for and by ambitious and enterprising women inspired by who they are, what they do and what they accomplish. Every year, 400 powerwomen¬†are¬†nominated for their success. Women who were in the spotlight over the past year because they won a prize for example, discovered a gap in the market, started a successful business or drop a significant achievement.


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Presentation¬†Aurelia Ebbe during the Election: “Businesswoman of the year 2016”, province¬†Flevoland. (dutch-spoken)