Our Waterproof Wallpapers


The La Aurelia designs are also available as Waterproof-Wallpapers ® This high-end and exclusive material is suitable for humid areas such as bathroom and sauna. But also for direct contact with water, such as in the shower cubicle or at the bottom of your swimming pool. The materials show unique specifications and preservation. Stunning decorative impact through high quality resolution and protective effects.

Waterproof, hygiënic, high decorative solution for damp and wet areas! Placement on concrete walls, glass, cement walls, ceramic tiles, panels, platerboard and other substrates. No coating of finishing needed, easy maintenance.

For: Kitchen, Toilet, Exterior, Shower cabin, Sauna / Spa, Bathroom, Swimming Pools, Wet rooms, Facades , Hotels, Kitchen counter,Bath tub area, Fitness rooms, Sports centers, Wellness centers, Practice Room, Pool bottoms, Cruiseschips, etc.

Our materials are professionally Lab tested and meet very high standards. Specifications can be obtained at request.

Fast delivery times! Usually 2 weeks, depending on design and execution.


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