Our Company

La Aurelia Design is an international design label founded in 2013 by Aurelia Ebbe. This label has become known for its inspiring and rich designs.

La Aurelia develops unique and exclusive collections of interior products: Fine Art, Classy Wallpapers , and Luxury Carpets .  These products are produced on environmentally friendly materials. The designs consists beautiful, classy, storytelling sceneries, with a touch of culture, art in the spirit of the old masters. Old craftsmanship mixed with contemporary trends and the new technology.

La Aurelia distinguishes itself through the refined look, quality materials and by supporting complete customization for interior projects. La Aurelia offers a varied selection of stylish designs with the additional possibility to create custom-made designs to suit specific requirements.

The DNA of La Aurelia Design illuminates colorful, classy statements, that stir the room and the brain. Bright colors are highly linked to better moods and trigger inspiration. Today’s population may be known as “the indoor generation”, because almost 90 percent of our lives we spend indoors. (according to EPA surveys) In this case, we better make sure our environment is pretty interesting and inspiring! So… Dress your Walls with Style!

La Aurelia works closely together with architects and interior designers and is able to create an accurate balance, atmosphere and experience within every interior.

La Aurelia Wallpaper Collections are represented by Official Resellers  in the ‘high-end’ interior design and decoration market in The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Canada and Austria. For more information click here

La Aurelia sponsors to foundations who supports social ability. We are a proud partner of: