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Premium Art and Luxury Wallpaper

LA AURELIA    is an international design label founded in 2013 by Aurelia Ebbe. This label has become known for its inspiring, rich images.

LA AURELIA   develops unique and exclusieve collections of Fine Art & Luxury Wallpapers. Beautiful, classy, storytelling sceneries, with a touch of culture, art in the spirit of the old masters. Old craftsmanship mixed with contemporary trends and the new technology.

LA AURELIA   offers a varied selection with the additional possibility to create custom-made wallcovering to suit your specific requirements. We design and produce exclusive wallcovers for projects or exclusive residences.

LA AURELIA   works closely together with architects and interior designers,  we are able to create an accurate balance, atmosphere and experience within every interior.

  • Our products are 100% Dutch Design
  • We use environmentally friendly materials
  • We offer customization
  • We ship internationally

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