Lovely Fabrics

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La Aurelia proudly present her latest product  line: Lovely Fabrics. A range of delicious patterned fabrics that create a special blend in atmosphere, color and pattern with other La Aurelia products and collections.

La Aurelia is expanding into a complete brand for living experience. The customer today needs more personality and power in a living and working space. La Aurelia delivers stylish, colorful, aesthetic and timeless collections that are an attractive addition to the interior.

With this, the designs of La Aurelia enter a whole new world. Besides on wall and floor it is now also possible to apply, feel and experience a design in a completely new way! Discover our selection of picturesque prints, extravagant flowers and generous patterns.

The interior fabrics of La Aurelia consist of a beautiful collection of curtain fabrics and upholstery fabrics. They are suitable for making (room-high) curtains, ornamental cushions and for (re) upholstering furniture.

Being a tailor-made specialist, La Aurelia supports in advising your project furnishing and upholstery challenges.

You can get more information about the Lovely Fabrics by contacting us. If you have a special project in mind, you are welcome to visit our showroom. Together we can determine which designs and fabrics best suit the interior and your wishes. Make an appointment now for a free consultation.

Samples can be seen in the new showroom of La Aurelia.

Specifications Lovely Fabrics:

  • M1 certified
  • High light fastness (between 6/7)
  • Permanent flame retardant (Fire Retardant) yarn.
  • Very powerful color intensity
  • Washable at 30 degrees
  • Suitable for project, hospitality and private use



Lovely Fabrics:
a wonderful addition to the collections
Fine Art
Classy Wallpapers
Luxury Carpets



An example of the designs: